Volunteers - Snowmobilers Helping Snowmobilers

District 9 is a volunteer based organization that is very “VOLUNTEER PROUD”.  As one of the largest Districts in the province (second highest km of trail, and highest number of clubs), it takes a significant number of volunteers to reach the high standard of trail that District 9 maintains year after year.  Some of the more obvious (but VERY important) projects that these volunteers do on an annual basis are:
  • Building and maintaining trails
  • Building bridges
  • Signing and staking trails
  • However, there is so much more that is accomplished behind the scenes:
  • Administration
  • Selling trail permits
  • Operating local clubhouses
  • Running fundraising events
  • Holding positions on a Board of Directors
  • Trail Patrol
  • Trainers (for Signage, Risk Management, Trail Patrol and Driver Training)
  • Website design and maintenance
Every local club has all kinds of volunteer projects that need to be done, and you don't even have to be a snowmobiler. Anyone who wants to contribute to the betterment of their community can help out.

Click here to send us an email, outlining the area you are from and what your volunteer interests are, and someone will get back to you very soon!