Always Be Prepared

One of the enjoyable aspects of riding in District 9 (aside from the great snow conditions) that you can feel like you are in the middle of nowhere, but you are never really far from anywhere!!  All of the small towns throughout the District are very snowmobile friendly, and most have all the ammenities necessary to a sledder - gas, food & lodging. However, it is not difficult to snowmobile beyond immediate help regardless of where you are in the province. So... basic repair and survival kits, expandable for longer tours are essential.

The Repair Kit should contain        

  • spare belt
  • spare spark plugs
  • manufacturer's tool kit
  • extra wrenches
  • nuts & bolts sized for your sled
  • tow rope
  • pry bar
  • duct tape
  • wire
  • extra ignition key
  • work gloves

An Emergency Kit should contain:

  • first aid kit
  • sun block
  • sharp knife                          
  • saw
  • axe
  • map
  • compass
  • mirror
  • waterproof matches or lighter
  • flashlight
  • whistle
  • aluminized blanket
  • high energy snacks
  • extra clothing/socks/mitts