Landowners are Very Special Supporters

In the province of Ontario there are over 15 000 individuals that volunteer the use of their land every year .  In District 9, there are over 3,500 of these landowners that generously volunteer their land for snowmobile trails.

Landowners do not get compensated for allowing their land to be used for an OFSC trail.  In this sense, they too, are an integral part of the voluntary system that makes organized snowmobiling work in District 9, and across Ontario.

Landowners in District 9 include farmers, cottagers, wood lot operators, municipalities, plus many others. By agreeing to allow a snowmobile trail to cross their property these landowners contribute to their local clubs and their home communities.

The volunteer club members of each snowmobile club in District 9 obtain signed land use permission from each landowner.  This permission is for exclusive use of a trail corridor  through their property only during the winter. This signed permission also allows the club volunteers to start trail preparation in the fall and to cose up the trails in the spring.

The process of putting together a trail is very complicated as a club needs to obtain oermission from a multude of landowners.  For this reason snowmilers are asked to respect the trail by staying on the trail as marked as each landowners has the right to  refuse us entry.

Please Respect Our Landowners

Do your part to show appreciation to landowners who volunteer the use of their land for snowmobile trails by remembering to: 

  1. Stay on the trail.
  2. Leave the stakes intact.
  3. Leave gates and fences alone.
  4. Respect equipment and property.
  5. Avoid farm animals and pets.
  6. Please respect that the trail is for snowmobile use only.
  7. Permission has been given only for winter use.
  8. Use only when the trail is open.
  9. Respect the Landowner